Ceviche wins 'Most Improved Sustainability' award
23rd February 2015 9.00 pm
Ceviche wins 'Most Improved Sustainability' award

We're very proud to have been awarded the 'Most Improved Sustainability Award 2015' by the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA).

The award recognises the efforts we've made across the board, including:

- using sustainable and locally-sourced products

- supporting charities such as Amantani, helping young people in Peru

- working to give young people in the UK a chance to get a career in the restaurant industry

These are all an integral part of who we are and what we do, and we're honoured to be acknowledged by the SRA: first with top sustainability ratings and now this award.

Raymond Blanc, president of the SRA, said: “These awards are for me as important as Michelin Stars. They represent what everybody who is passionate about food should regard as the perfect ingredients: good ethics, an understanding that food touches every part of our lives and a desire to ensure that future generations will be able to experience from it the same pleasure as we have.”

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