Limited edition Pisco Sour screen print goes on sale
4th February 2015 4.30 pm
Limited edition Pisco Sour screen print goes on sale

To celebrate National Pisco Sour Day, Ceviche founder Martin Morales has collaborated with iconic London graphic artists Crispin Finn to create a limited edition Pisco Sour screen print. The first edition of the A3 artwork is limited to just 100 copies: each hand printed, signed and dated by the artists.

Martin said: "The pisco sour should be recognised as one of the best classic cocktails in the world. It's tastier than a mojito and friendlier than a negroni; and comes with an incredibly curious story and rich history. For those reasons I challenged Roger and Anna at Crispin Finn to create an homage to the national cocktail of Peru ahead of National Pisco Sour Day. They have been enchanting the art and bar worlds with their iconic cocktail screen prints for some time and I pointed out that they had missed out a very special one: The Pisco Sour. So we got to work on it and the finished print is as perfect as the serve itself."

The print is available to buy exclusively from the Ceviche online shop and the Crispin Finn website.

In addition to the screen print, to celebrate National Pisco Sour Day Ceviche Soho is holding a free Pisco Sour masterclass on 7th February, and offering tastings from our extensive range of Peruvian pisco infusions - known as 'macerados'.

Check out how to make the perfect Pisco Sour with Martin and Miguel on Ceviche TV.


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