Casita Andina opens July 2016
11th April 2016 9.15 am
Casita Andina opens July 2016

We are excited to let you know that we're opening Casita Andina, in London’s Soho on 28th July, Peruvian Independence Day. Casita will be on Great Windmill Street and is inspired by Peruvian ‘picanterias’; family-run, traditional restaurants which serve the local community and travellers. Usually found in the Andes in the homes of ‘Andinas’ (women from the Andes), I grew up eating in such picanterias, gaining my love and knowledge of cooking from my Andina grandmother. Together with my friend and Exec Chef Vito Reyes we are drawing on these memories, mixing our London creativity and offering a regularly changing menu, some great lunch snacks you can eat at your desk and one-off cocktails.

With Casita Andina we want to do something different to anything we’ve done before. Our location has a great restaurant heritage as it was once known as ‘The Little Cottage’. Just like a little home or ‘casita’; its cute and cosy and was a home from home for actors and thespians from the West End. We hope that we can carry on with that charm but with our own twist. Our focus is on incredible flavours; honest dishes full of tradition, and organic, sustainable ingredients. And my love for the Andes will come through its celebration of dishes and drinks, textiles and textures.

Dishes will include:

- Maca Lamb: huacatay marinated lamb loin, garlic maca uchucuta, heritage Peruvian potatoes, St George's mushrooms, crushed spicy cancha

- La Soltera: black quinoa, green peas, ova, lamb's lettuce, queso fresco sauce

- Cobia Tiradito:– sustainable black king fish, rocoto tiger's milk, pickled pineapple, nasturtium

- Chupe: King prawns, coriander quinoa chicharonnes, chupe liquor

- Choc con Sauco: Melt-in-the-middle Peruvian chocolate, quest fresco mousse, pisco-infused elderberries

Casita Andina will have the look and feel of a welcoming home, with 58 seats set across two small cosy floors and a basement kitchen. Contemporary textiles using ancient Andean weaving techniques will feature in the seating, while artworks by top Peruvian artists will adorn the walls, a further reflection of the deep heritage, tradition and chic touches that Casita Andina will draw upon. On the ground floor will be a ceviche counter, a pisco bar, a takeaway area, and cosy seating at the end of the room. On the upper floor will be a bright 30-seat dining room leading out to an open air patio seating 8.

We look forward to showing you more at Casita Andina, 31 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7LP.

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Much love

Martin Morales

Founder, Casita Andina, Ceviche and Andina Restaurants

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