A Wild Christmas Feast
9th November 2016 12.15 pm
A Wild Christmas Feast

Introducing our Christmas menus at Ceviche Soho and Ceviche Old St featuring Wild Boar Seco: Wild boar braised in smoked panca chilli and pomegranate molasses, apple cider, amarillo chilli, five-spice, onions and garlic. Served with a cream of apple, rice and onions.

For over a thousand years in The Forest of Dean, in rural Gloucestershire, wild boars have lived a joyful life feeding on nuts, acorns, roots, grass, fruit, and mushrooms. Today these wild boars still feed themselves and live in the 42 square miles of mixed woodlands, with their survival and numbers managed by professional and authorised wildlife rangers. Until 1066 a large area was reserved for Royal hunting and boars from this Royal Forest were supplied to the King’s table. Christmas is a special time to celebrate and by brining the best British ingredients together with Peruvian techniques and seasoning we want to serve you something special this season.

A ‘seco' is a slow cooking Peruvian technique perfect for this dish. Wild meat has a much richer flavour than farmed meat, it also has a distinctive texture, looking more like steak and its taste hints of organic pork and venison. Just like other game it's a great hearty, nourishing meat, brilliant for crisp autumnal days or cold winter nights. So it’s a memorable and unique Christmas dish. Although it's possible to buy farmed wild boar it is the rarity and superior flavour of authentic wild boar that makes it such a prized delicacy.

This is one of several special dishes on our Christmas menus, get in touch with us to enquire about your Christmas party.

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