Goat Butchery Masterclass and Sunday Goat Roast
26th February 2017 12.00 pm
Goat Butchery Masterclass and Sunday Goat Roast

Launching exclusively at Ceviche Old St on Sunday 29th January, we invite you and yours to pull up a chair for our unique Sunday Goat Roast.

Goat meat has arrived and is here to stay. Lean and delicious with a succulent texture, 2017's hottest meat trend is also great for you, containing less fat gram for gram than chicken. Not only fantastic for the health conscious, eating goat meat helps to combat wastage from the dairy industry, making it an ethical choice as well.

With a rotating menu changing weekly, our cutting edge dishes will include Seco de Cabrito (beer braised goat), Cabrito al Horno (roasted goat with a Peruvian spice rub) or Grilled Goat (panca marinated goat cutlets) with delicious Peruvian accompaniments.

To celebrate our new goat roast we're kicking things off with a sold out masterclass in how to butcher this year's hottest meat, and due to popular demand we have now launched a second butchery masterclass on Sunday 26th February plus you can email oldst@cevicheuk.com to book your table and enjoy the Goat Roast any Sunday of your choice without taking part in the butchery masterclass.

Sundays are sorted in true Peruvian style.

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