New Brunch in Casita Andina
30th August 2017 11.15 am
New Brunch in Casita Andina

Looking for the perfect Peruvian way to start your day?

Introducing our all new brunch menu in Casita Andina. On the menu: everything from a breakfast tamal to a Peruvian shakshuka.

Roll up your sleeves and chow down on a glorious, multi-layered breakfast sandwich served on a quinoa bread bun and packed with crunchy pork belly, a Buford brown egg, marinated onions, and dripping with amarillo chilli mayo.

We've also got avocado pancakes done two ways: salty or sweet. Take your pick between a stack served next to a mountain of crispy pork belly. Or try our buttermilk avocado pancakes, with chancaca honey and yacon whipped cream.

Having trouble deciding? Bring a friend and order both, our plates were made for sharing! The new brunch menu launches Saturday, September 2nd.

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