Our Love Affair with Pisco
7th February 2018 10.15 am
Our Love Affair with Pisco

As the Home of Pisco in London, we’ve played host to Peru's Pisco Masters in our bars, including Soledad Marroquin, Diego Loret de Mola (Barsol Pisco), Raul Otero (Pisco 1615) and the extraordinary pisco ambassador Johnny Schuler from La Caravedo (Oldest Distillery in the world)!

Distilled from pure grape juice with no artificial flavouring, wood-aging or additives, its heritage dates as far back as the 16th Century. We’ve been experimenting with aromatic and non-aromatic pisco varieties over the years - a good pisco is rich, full of flavour, with a bouquet that can be appreciated twice: after resting and after swirling, where it reveals its intensity and complexity.

Discover our selection of piscos and infusions to enjoy on their own, in cocktails, or paired with food!

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