Ceviche Soho - Weekend DJs
22nd February 2018 6.00 pm
Ceviche Soho - Weekend DJs

Tiger's Milk and Ceviche UK present a brand new Weekend DJs series at Ceviche Soho, our original restaurant and Pisco Bar that kick-started London's Peruvian restaurant revolution!

Every weekend, our hand-picked Resident DJs will serve up everything from vintage mambo chic to the grooviest disco, funk and Latin cuts, and even sounds from our very own Peruvian record label, Tiger's Milk.

DJs on rotation include: Natty Bo, Tasty Lopez, Discos Malphino, Martin Morales and other specially selected guests….

...It's a Soho t'ing. The rules? Vinyl rules only.

Free Entry

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Enjoy Pisco drinks and bar nibbles or book a table for dinner on 020 7292 2040 or soho@cevicheuk.com


Thursdays - Natty Bo (Ska Cubano), except

• 08 March - Devon Daley (BBC)

• 15 March - Martin Morales (Tiger's Milk)

• 22 March - Madera Verde (Mi Soul Radio)

Fridays - Tasty Lopez (Soho Radio)

Saturdays - Discos Malphino (Lex Records), except

• 17 March - Sophie Callis (Soho Radio)

Have a listen:

Natty Bo: https://www.mixcloud.com/discover/natty-bo/

Tasty Lopez: https://www.mixcloud.com/tastylopez/stream/

Discos Malphino: https://open.spotify.com/user/118642395/playlist/71O0pBPHScEgy0PkM5PdwB

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